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Man charged in death related incident

The District Court has denied bail for Roy Pitolau, charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and third-degree assault. This is concerning the death of a man in Fagatogo last week.

Court filings say that Police arrived at the scene and were encountered by multiple bystanders who identified the victim as the defendant who assaulted M. Kereta Vaili. Pitolau made his initial appearance in the District Court on Friday.

The defendant waived his rights but made a verbal statement, noting that he had been hurting for eight years and that his wife was having an affair with the deceased, adding that he was also hurting since he has been living on fishing boats while his wife has been living with Vaili.

The defendant said his wife was living at Vaili’s residence in Malaeloa, and he was not allowed to come to their house. It was confirmed the defendant was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.

Witnesses told Police the defendant punched Vaili, who fell into the stream nearby. A Medical Doctor told Police Vaili died from anoxic brain injury and cardiac arrest.

The wife, Mrs. Pitolau, was present at the market during the incident and confirmed the defendant's identity to the Police.

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