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Man charged with first-degree property damage

Azora Faapouli Niumata Sunia appeared in the District Court this week on charges of first-degree property damage and private peace disturbance.

Sunia is held on bail of $5,000.

Court filings say the 27-year-old was charged following an incident in Nu'uuli on Saturday where he allegedly damaged a vehicle using a baseball bat.

According to the government's case, the victim claims she was in the living room with her two grandchildren when a car pulled up to her house.

It's alleged Sunia got out of the vehicle with a baseball bat and walked toward where her truck was parked.

The woman asked him if he needed something, but she was ignored, and Sunia began smashing her front and rear driver-side door windows with a baseball bat, shattering them on impact.

The suspect then continued smashing the truck's back window as well. The elderly woman was shocked and scared at the same time and asked why he was damaging her vehicle.

While holding a baseball bat, the defendant threatened to strike the woman on her face.

He also said that she will suffer the consequences while it is her grandson's fault. The defendant then left in his vehicle.

The woman told Police she was afraid for her life and her grandkid's safety and requested for the Police to make sure that the defendant stayed away from her and her family.

The estimation of the parts of the vehicle that the suspect damaged was valued at $6,000.

The defendant told Police they were hanging out with his friends, and the woman's grandson appeared, and he was told to get lost.

The grandson allegedly scratched his new car and ran home.

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