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Man having severe chest pain on Hawaiian Air flight saved by nursing student and crew

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

The crew of Hawaiian Air and a nursing student from Pheonix University Denise Allen are being hailed for saving the life of a 40year-old male who experienced sudden onset of chest pain and shortness of breath onboard Hawaiian Airways flights from Honolulu last night.

Denise Allen of Vaitogi who is studying nursing at Phoenix University told KVZK News the flight was about 40 minutes away from American Samoa when she heard the flight crew paging for a doctor or nurse to render assistance to a 40 year old male who was losing consciousness. Allen said the call for medical assistance went out three times but there was no doctor or nurse onboard so she offered to help.

According to Allen, the passenger told her the pain was radiating to his ears and gums. He was unconscious; his face was blue so she quickly applied CPR. The crew of Hawaiian Air also began doing chest compressions. The passenger was later put on oxygen, and he eventually regained consciousness.

Allen thanked the crew who were trained in basic emergency care, the man remained conscious until the plane landed.

Dr Saipale Fuimaono of DOH confirmed EMS and medical staff were on the tarmac when the flight arrived to take the passenger to LBJ Hospital where he will remain for another two days. The rest of the passengers were asked to remain on the plane when it landed so EMS crew could carry out the passenger using a hospital stretcher. According to Dr Fuimaono, the 40 year old is recovering well at LBJ. Governor Lemanu and his delegation also arrived back on the same flight last night after attending meetings in DC.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Lauvao has confirmed that a total of 12 passengers from last night's flight have tested positive of Covid 19.

257 passengers were onboard last night's flight, 252 adults and 5 children. The 12 positive passengers are now in isolation at the Airport Hanger for 5 days and then another 5 days at home upon release. The 245 passengers who tested negative last night were released home for 5 days of isolation.

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