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Martin Sega and Lauolefiso Manu Naea escapes from TCF

Two prisoners escaped from the Tafuna Correctional Facility this morning and remain at large.

They were last seen around the Leone area. This was confirmed by Chief of Police Pouuamea Tuaolo Supapo in response to questions from KVZK news.

“Initially three prisoners escaped from 5 am this morning, Joeita Faaaliga, Martin Sega and Lauolefiso Manu Naea; however around 10 am, Faaaliga turned himself in back to TCF.”

According to Supapo, they received a call about a break-in at Futiga and the description of the suspect matched Faaaliga.

“And when I went to the TCF, lo and behold Faaaliga just walked back in. It was also uncovered that two other inmates are missing. This is unacceptable," said Supapo.

She said there were only four Correction Officers working two females and two males guarding a population of 300 inmates.

"They should have contacted the Police as soon as they found out the prisoners escaped from jail, so our officers can go hunt them down.

“It is puzzling as to why the TCF opts not to report such incidents to us; also I have been calling the Warden but to no avail. Papalii Marion Fitisemanu did not answer my calls," she said.

“The major concern is the lack of reporting such matters to the Police, so we can do our job and look for these prisoners.

"The last thing we need is for these prisoners to escape and kill someone. In the end, the government will be liable.

"It is disappointing that when prisoners escape it's as if it is not a big deal to TCF.

"Any prisoner escaping from confinement is a crime,” said Supapo.

Martin Sega is serving time for assaulting his girlfriend by striking the back of her head with a coconut while Lauolefiso Manu Naea has a wrap sheet as a repeat offender of burglary and stealing convictions.

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2023. máj. 21.

What a joke! TCF🥺why call it a prison when prisoners can escape whenever they like and walk back in when they feel like? Ua kakau ga fire uma ga kgk e Le faia lakou job period. And hello! So, guards on the watch have no sense of reporting to the police that a prisoner has escaped because it would make them look like idiots which now they do.

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