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Maui Humanitarian Relief initiative update

Today's Cabinet Meeting discussed the Maui Humanitarian Relief initiative, which started on Monday.

A total of $54,734 was collected at the Maui Humanitarian Relief initiative at the Tufele Liamatua Tufele Cultural Center in Utulei that started on Monday.

The drive is for the whole week, ending Saturday.

On Monday, Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauaga and Lieutenant Governor Talauega E. V. Ale, together with prominent leaders of the American Samoa Government, were present at the opening ceremony. During Cabinet today, Governor Lemanu emphasized this government initiative and urged the directors to show support.

At the ceremony on Monday, Governor Lemanu emphasized the close ties between American Samoa and Hawaii; approximately 40,000 Samoans have chosen Hawaii as their home. He said while we may not possess great wealth or vast resources in our small territory, the spirit of Samoans is rich in love and compassion.

This commitment to charity is not a recent endeavor. We have a long history of mobilizing resources to provide humanitarian aid to our Pacific brothers and sisters, and vice versa.” Governor Lemanu expressed his sympathy for the tragedy that unfolded in Maui.

He said American Samoa unites in solidarity to support the families affected in Lahaina, Maui. While we mourn the loss of 115 confirmed deceased individuals, the toll is compounded by the missing thousands and the many displaced.

Governor hopes that the people of American Samoa can join together in compassion for these families in Maui and the broader state of Hawaii.

The Maui Drive will run through September 9, 2023, and it includes 13 drop-off sites, with its headquarters at the Li’amatua Tufele Cultural Center in Utulei.

A dedicated hotline, 633-3333, has been set up for inquiries and pledges of donations.

Additionally, the community can contribute through PayPal using the QR code 333 provided on the campaign flyer only on ASTCA’s phone.

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