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May 22, is ASG's deadline for budget call for FY 2024

As it nears the closing of the current financial year, Budget Director Catherine Saelua says ASG continues to endure the current challenges while laying the groundwork and setting priorities for a better tomorrow.

In her letter addressed to all government departments and agencies, dated May 1, Saelua said Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga shared his concerns regarding the high cost of living and the ongoing struggle for those who are at the bottom of the economic ladder, thereby making it difficult to meet their basic needs.

Consideration will be given to the underfunded areas due to 2023 budget cuts in education, Medicaid and special projects. As a result, the importance of the availability of funding will be assessed to address these critical needs of our government operation.

According to Saelua, the proposed budget for FY2024 is based on ASG’s preliminary projection of local revenues of $125 million, or 3% above the current FY 2023 approved budget. In general, the current budget that funds the government consists of 5 1% in federal grants and 49% in local funds.

Saelua urged the departments and agencies to submit their budget proposals by May 22, 2023.

They were told to integrate into their budgets the cost for fringe benefits on FICA and Workmen's Comp and must be consistent with the most recently approved Federal Grant Award and not exceed authorized amounts.

The Budget Director noted that Covid-19-related grant awards not be included in the FY2024 proposed submission, but submit it separately.

Also, the profit and loss statement from each enterprise fund account is mandatory to be submitted for the most recent three years. Semi-autonomous authorities, are to prepare their proposed budget plan for direct submission to the Legislature with a copy to the Budget Office to be included in the main Budget document proposal.

Saelua concluded that it is of the utmost importance to fill in all data and information to measure the outcome results based on the functional services performed by the Department/Agency.

This is critical information necessary to quantify and justify whether the benefits provided have been maximized relative to their budget proposal.

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