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Medical Plaza project underway says DOC

A Medical Plaza is in the pipeline to be built at the Tafuna Industrial Park.

This project is overseen by the Department of Commerce, as confirmed by their Director Petti Matila.

Last year DOC submitted a request to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the release of Community Development Block Grant funds in the amount of $709,571.20 to undertake a project known as the Medical Mall (Plaza) to centralize commercial healthcare for the convenience of the public.

Matila told KVZK News, they are waiting for the first draft of the blueprints for this project and they are leaning towards a modernized medical plaza to house medical clinics.

The architecture from Samoa was the one contracted for the new

She said reprogrammed funds for the Medical Plaza is a design/build for public and private medical practice or healthcare-related businesses and will be located on the housing side of the Lions Park development.

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