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Members of the International broadcasters Ideabank visits Am. Samoa

Members of the International broadcasters Ideabank, a group of independent small market radio owners and operators, are in the territory.

The International Broadcasters IdeaBank is an organization of 100 owners/managers of small and medium-market radio stations in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

It represents over 500 radio stations and it exists for members to meet, network, and exchange ideas to increase the effectiveness of their stations while ensuring the small and medium market stations remain profitable.

South Seas Broadcasting, 93KHJ’s parent company, is hosting the IBIB member.

According to KHJ while on island the group will meet with local broadcasters to learn about radio operations in the territory including community service efforts, technical challenges and the unique way radio has become a part of the fabric of American Samoa.

Their visit follows the Idea Banks annual meeting in Kauai, Hawaii “Samoan culture has always had a great oral storytelling tradition,” said Ideabank member and South Seas Broadcasting President Larry Fuss.

“Radio‘s power is the power of the human voice. That is why 93KHJ and its sister stations are so influential in American Samoa.

For over 20 years, the broadcasting community has been watching the development of radio and media in the territory.

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