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Message from the Acting Governor on the United States Navy birthday October 13, 2023

October 13, 2023, is a crucial milestone in our nation's maritime legacy.

It was on this exact date in 1775 when the Second Continental Congress inaugurated the Continental Navy to disrupt the supply of munitions to the British Army in America. What started as a humble fleet consisting of only two armed vessels has since transformed into the mightiest and most formidable navy globally.

Over the course of their illustrious history, the Navy has embodied the true spirit of unwavering commitment to our Nation's strength, resilience and readiness. We rest soundly assured that countless Navy personnel, diligently protect our nation from potential threats and uphold the freedom of the seas.

Together with Governor Lemanu P. S. Matiga and our entire community, we stand united in expressing our deep gratitude to the men and women of the Navy, both present, and past, for their selfless commitment to protecting our great nation.

We extend our warmest wishes to the United States Navy as they celebrate their 248th birthday. May the timeless motto of Semper Fortis continue to guide them in all their noble endeavors.

Happy 248" Birthday, United States Navy!

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