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New bus fare rates now in effect

Increased bus rates, including student fares, are now in effect. This is part of the Commerce Commission proposal submitted in May to increase bus rates and establish a new high school and elementary school bus fare under the American Samoa Administrative Code, the local regulation, and other amendments related to commercial vehicle transportation.

The new rule implements an overall increase for one-way bus fares by 25 cents per person from the previous rate.

For example, from the Marist Brother’s Rectory in Atu’u to the end of Faga’alu village, the new one-way is $1.25.

Another example: From the Fagatogo Marketplace to the airport, areas on the west side of the airport intersection up to Leone Auma, including Ili’ili, Vaitogi, Mapusagafou, Taputimu, Vailoatai, and Malaeloa — the rate increased to $1.75 one-way.

Under the new rates, the oneway charter is at a maximum of $2.00 and a maximum of $3.50 for a round trip.

Under the regulations, the amendments establish a new Chapter 02 to provide fines for owners of commercial vehicles, commercial carriers, and passengers.

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