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Nurses get salary boost

Nurses should see a boost in their salaries when paychecks are in tomorrow evening for the LBJ hospital.

This was confirmed by Acting Chief Executive Officer Dr Akapusi Ledua in an interview with KVZK News.

Dr Ledua did not outline specific details of the increase but stated the years of service and experience were factored in and that means more years of work will equate to a bigger increase in their salaries.

Last December some nurses walked out from their shifts and went on a strike against the hospital management when they did not receive their promised salary increase.

Leaders of the current administration intervened to ensure nurses returned to work, which they did.

The salary boost was to reflect on Dec 6, 2022, however, that did not happen, resulting in the strike.

The hospital statement at that time says the last comprehensive, organizational-wide, and concurrent pay adjustment, as well as position reclassification, occurred about nine years ago.

The former CEO at that time noted that LBJ nurse wages are now relatively "competitive" — a 20% increase at the entry levels ranking even above some of the most industrialized and larger countries in the region but still below the US, on average, by as much as 30%.

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