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Nurses recognized for their

Nurses were recognized today in an award ceremony for their sacrifice and selfless service to the people of American Samoa.

To conclude their nurse's week, the ceremony “Nurses Make A Difference” was held at the DDW and it was well attended by families and Lt. Governor Talauega E.V. Ale in acknowledging the nurses for their hard work.

Talauega shared a personal experience when he was at the hospital for two days citing the nurse's dedication and service and hopes the medical care he received will also extend to other patients regardless of their identity.

The hospital’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Akapusi Ledua said they are with a recruiting office based in Los Angeles, California to recruit Philippines nurses to assist in alleviating the nurse shortage here at LBJ TMC.

This is in addition to the 20+ nurses hired from Fiji. During the awards ceremony, nurses with 20 to 50 years of service were recognized as follows;

Faatigafua Valusaga was recognized for 50 years of service;

40 years of service awards were presented to Simamao Tuato’o and Faatele Molesi who are both RN’s.

Nurses who made 20 years of service were also presented with an award, and they are as follow, Tuaotala Faalilo, RN; Monika Iosefa, RN; Miriama Ioka, CNA; Peggy Uiki, CNA; Dorothy Coffin, WC and Fei Itamua, Nsg. Admin. Coordinator.

Also recognized during the ceremony was Unit Manager of the Year and was awarded to Uluulufau S. Avegalio.

Nurse of the Year was awarded to Luaao Wasko, RN.

They also recognized the Intensive Care Unit as the Best Unit in LBJ with the Pediatric Clinic winning Best Clinic of the Year award.

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