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Office of Gov clarifies GO-40 vehicle that was abandoned off-road

At 08:45a.m, on July 16, 2023, an unfortunate incident came to the attention of the Office of the Governor.

A staff member of the Governor's Office (GO) reported that a vehicle (GO-40)

assigned to the GO Road Marshall Division was found off-road and abandoned in the village of Alega.

Authorities were promptly notified.

The GO Road Marshall Division was contacted, and they reported that the Road Marshall Office, located near the Lions Park area, had been burglarized, and a vehicle was missing from their compound.

The Public Safety ranking officer reported that several government offices in the area

were also broken into. At this time, police are carrying out their investigation.

The Office of the Governor extends our gratitude to the GO staff involved for their swift response in reporting these events and to the Department of Public Safety for their assistance.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all government offices and will not tolerate these crimes against not just the Government but also the people of American Samoa.

The Office of the Governor is committed to cooperating with and supporting DPS’s investigation and will take all appropriate steps to ensure the perpetrator(s) are prosecuted.

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