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One applicant for LBJ's CEO position as of June 30

Only one applicant has applied for the Chief Executive Officer position at the LBJ hospital.

This was confirmed by the Acting CEO of the LBJ, Dr Akapusi Ledua, in an interview with KVKZ.

The deadline for the position is July 10, 2023.

The position was put out for advertising after six months of having an Acting Chief Executive Officer overseeing the hospital operation.

He was appointed to the position after Moefaauo Bill Emmsley resigned from this position in January.

According to the notice, the hospital Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Board of Directors (BOD) for all operational and administrative aspects of planning, directing, and coordinating current operations, ensuring responsible use of fiscal, human, and physical resources to achieve its vision, mission, goals and objectives.

The CEO is charged with developing and implementing ground-breaking initiatives that will ensure high-quality and cost-effective healthcare to meet the needs of the territory of American Samoa.

The CEO is under the control of the Board and reports to the board, says the advertisement.

In an interview with KVZK TV this week, Dr Ledua confirmed that he would be applying for the position of CEO.

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