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One of three suspects charged in relation to assault case in Fagaima

Palemia Salanoa, one of the three suspects who allegedly assaulted a man and left him for dead in front of a store in Fagaima has been arrested and charged.

Palemia is held in custody on bail of $15,000 on two charges of assault, second-degree and third-degree.

The other two suspects Anthony Lalopau, and Rasheed Salanoa remain at large.

The victim who is now paralyzed on his left leg and suffered a broken jaw, is currently in New Zealand undergoing medical treatment due to the severity of his injuries.

He was airlifted to New Zealand earlier this month.

According to the government’s case, Filipo Viliamu was brutally assaulted by Anthony Lalopau, Rasheed Salanoa and the defendant, Palemia Salanoa.

Investigation reveals that Rasheed and Palemia punched and kicked him in the face numerous times.

When the victim fell unconscious, it’s alleged that Lalopau threw the victim’s head with a brick.

The victim was left in front of the store while he was bleeding on the head and bystanders contacted the police for assistance.

To date, only Palemia has been charged by the Police while the other co-defendants, Anthony Lalopau, and Rasheed Salanoa remain at large.

The ER doctor informed police the victim suffered a wound on his head, also the victim cannot move his left leg and that overseas medical treatment was warranted in this matter due to the severity of his injuries.

Palemia is scheduled to appear in district court again for his preliminary examination on 2 June.

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