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Over $100,000 revenue collected from public auctions

The Office of Property Management collected over $100,000 from their recent public auction of government properties with the bulk of the revenue from the vehicles sold last week.

This is according to Poleen Asalele Director of Property Management in an interview with KVZKTV.

In the first auction of government assets such as bedding, lamps, furniture, baking equipment and appliances the department collected over $20,000 however for the vehicles, as of 11 am today, Asalele said they collected $85,645.

A total of 11 bidders were disqualified, either their bid was below the minimum or the bidder did not provide the full amount of their bid amount or they did not provide the full ten per cent of the bid amount.

According to Asalele close to 300 members of the public participated in their auctions and she also utilized the opportunity to thank members of the public who participated in the government auction for their support and for adhering to policies and rules put in place by the department during the auctions.

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