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Pago Wings assist Maui relief efforts

Pacific Air Charters has been using the Tecnam Traveller airplane, which belongs to Pago Wings, to deliver relief to Maui after the wildfires which devastated the community of Lahaina.

Several flights have been made to provide food, water, tents, and other supplies, with returning flights used to evacuate people from the area.

With its convenient, low floor and wide door, the Traveller can quickly and easily load up to 3,000 pounds of cargo.

These relief flights will continue for as long as necessary.

The second Pago Wings plane (also a Tecnam Traveller) has been delivered to Las Vegas, where it is now being prepared for the long flight from California to Hawaii.

Pago Wings intends to fly this plane from Hawaii to American Samoa in early September.

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Aug 16, 2023

😲 just wow! unbelievable. FAI AKU AI FO'I I Le stu'a o ga menty🤣

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