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Pago Wings operation to start soon

Pago Wings is expected to be in operation in a few months, under the Pacific Air Charters, Inc.

The company owned by Papalii Laulii Alofa's family is expected to offer on-demand charter flights, sightseeing tours, and special mission contracts with military and other government agencies.

Pacific Air Charters, Inc. has operated in Hawaii for 20 years. This is outlined in a statement from the airline in response to questions from KVZK News.

PACINC services will also be offered in American Samoa under the brand name Pago Wings. PACINC has purchased two brand-new nine-passenger Tecnam Travelers direct from the factory in Italy for use in American Samoa; at least two additional Travelers will be leased for use in Hawaii.

According to the company initially, they will offer on-demand charter and cargo flights, air ambulance service, and possibly sight-seeing tours for cruise-ship passengers. However they intend to add scheduled service to both Manu’a and Samoa, but it is not possible to say when that could happen.

The statement says one major challenge Pago Wigs is facing is fuel.

Their aircraft uses 100 octanes of low-lead gasoline, which the FAA describes as “the most common and reliable type of avgas” Given this fuel is not available in American Samoa, they must find a supplier, purchase storage tanks, a delivery truck, develop safe fueling procedures, and train personnel.

The Pago Wings expect their fuel to be delivered in mid-August and they should be able to commence operations shortly after that.

Once they begin operations in American Samoa, they are looking at employing six to ten people, including two pilots and some local pilots have expressed interest once they are employed the pilots will be sent to Hawaii for training on their Tecnam aircraft.

In addition to the airline itself, Pago Wings intends to develop an aviation mechanic training program, together with DOE and ASCC.

This program will provide the training needed to get well-paid jobs in the aviation industry, whether in American Samoa or anywhere in the world.

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