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Panamex Pacific donates goods valued over $4,000

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Panamex Pacific donated goods valued at over $4,000 to the LBJ hospital, from infant diapers to adult diapers of more than 80 cases.

Also donated this week were feminine pads for women in labor, close to 20 boxes, and feminine packets.

Other donated goods were 250 mini detergent packets and juice boxes. Kahleena Ovalles, an official of Panamex Pacific, presented the donation to the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ledua Akapusi, on Monday morning.

Senior Nurses accompanied Dr. Ledua during the intimate ceremony to accept the donation.

Dr. Ledua assured Panamex the goods would be submitted into their inventory system, and they will return the company an account of how they were used at the LBJ.

Dr. Ledua said the LBJ hospital is grateful for the donation and Panamex’s contribution to the hospital’s daily operation.

Mrs. Ovalles said the company appreciates the work of the medical professionals at the LBJ, and their contribution would lessen the financial burden of the hospital.

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Sep 05, 2023

make sure it doesn't go into someone's store to make a profit👎we all know what happens last time😲

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