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Paradise Pizza kitchen area demolished in fire

The Department of Search and Rescue, Fire Division is investigating a fire that erupted on the kitchen side of the newly renovated Paradise Pizza, located at the intersection at Tafuna Industrial Park.

Acting Director of Department Faamasino Upuese Galoia told KVKZ their initial assessment appears as if it is an electrical fault.

“The initial call came at 12:45 am and fortunately we made it in time before it spreads out to the rest of the building.

"The restaurant was closed for business for the night and only the Security guard was around when the incident occurred.

"Security called the owner who then called for assistance from the Firefighters. "Upon arrival, the firefighters noticed the fire may have started from the kitchen area," said Galoia.

Adding the initial assessment indicated the cause of the fire appeared to be an electrical fault however they are still investigating.

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Jun 04, 2023

Thank God there is no life threat to anyone or security guard at the scene.

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