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Partnership in Education is key: Talauega Dr Samasoni Asaeli

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Talauega Dr Samasoni Asaeli told the Atoa o Samoa meeting last week that there is an existing need to develop mutually beneficial partnerships between the two governments in the area of education. According to Dr Asaeli the focus should be on teacher development and improved student learning.

“There are trainings offered by the National University of Samoa and the University of the South Pacific in Alafua ASG can tap into to build knowledge, skills and expertise of teachers and students as well as the development and promotion of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)”, said Dr Asaeli.

The meeting welcomed advice of potential assistance for further teacher training that could be provided by the National University of Samoa on STEAM subjects including the Samoan Language, technical and vocational education and training courses, maritime training courses, and training through its school of medicine.

Dr Asaeli also mentioned the engineering program in the areas of civil, mechanical and electrical training available at the University of the South Pacific in Alafua. The courses offered in Samoa are US certified and they can be used anywhere in the US, this provides an opportunity for students and teachers from American Samoa to train or pursue further studies in Samoa.

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