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Police Call Off Search for Missing 22 Year Old at Leala

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Police Call Off Search for Missing 22 Year Old Police and Marine Patrol divers have called off the search for the 22 year old male who drowned at Leala on Friday late afternoon. The search was called off shortly after 5pm yesterday, after 3 days Police and divers combed the ocean floor from Vaitogi to Asili in the hope of finding the 22 year old’s body.

Since early Saturday morning police patrol and marine divers have been combing the ocean floor from Vaitogi to Asili searching for the body of the 22 year old Male from Vailoa who was swept out to sea while swimming with his cousin and brother. KVZK News traveled with Police all day Saturday and Sunday searching the ocean near Vaitogi but the body was nowhere to found and so on Monday after a thorough search of nearby ocean in Leone and Asili police called the search off after updating the mother of the missing 22 year old. A grief-stricken mother told KVZK News she felt paralyzed when she heard the news that her son had gone missing. She said she got into the car straight away and headed to Leala where she remained all day Saturday and Sunday in the hope to see her son again. She said she was disappointed the search had ended but also understands that police can only work for 72 hours to conduct the rescue.

KVZK News was at Leala yesterday when Police relayed the message to the mother, and the rest of the family, they were calling off the search. The mother told KVZK they will be conducting their own search of her missing son.

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