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Police investigate stolen vehicle

By: Tosimae’a Tupua

Police are continuing an investigation involving a stolen vehicle in front of KS Mart in Tafuna earlier this week. The manager of KS Mart told KVZK News, the owner of the vehicle arrived at the store when it was time to close, parked his vehicle right outside the main entrance, left the ignition on while he went into the shop to buy some items. The manager said, the owner of the vehicle noticed his car was missing as he was paying for his shopping at the checkout. The staff of KS Mart helped the man find his car but could not see it, so they contacted police. Reports from Police say the vehicle was found at Vaitogi but items were missing including phones.

Deputy Commissioner Teri Letuli told KVZK News  that investigations are continuing and he appeals to members of the public who may have information about this matter to come forward.

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