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By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Deputy Police Commissioner Foifua Foifua Jr confirmed that approximately 20 vehicle drivers were taken into custody and issued with DUI tickets in the week leading up to Christmas. Speaking to KVZK News today DC Foifua said the majority of the drivers were caught at the Police roadblock in front of CBT. KVZK News understands that the names of the drivers caught have already been referred to the District Court.

Foifua said Police also found a pipe used for smoking methamphetamine (ice) when a team was sent to stop a family party in the Tafuna area. Foifua said although no ice was found at the party, it is still against the law to have a pipe in your possession. Foifua said while people are free to celebrate Christmas and New Years in the comfort of their homes they must also be considerate of others.

Foifua confirmed that Police also confiscated a dozen bamboo cannon ( fagaofe) from various villages in the Territory after they received calls from families that have elderly parents because the noise was unbearable.

DC Foifua Foifua Jr is urging families to celebrate the festivities in a responsible manner and catch a taxi if consuming alcohol to avoid casualties on our roads.

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