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Private consultant appointed as Acting CEO of LBJ

Dr Jean Anderson, a private consultant to the hospital board, has been appointed as Acting Chief Executive Officer of the LBJ in the absence of Dr Akapusi Ledua as of Monday. Dr Ledua was appointed as Acting CEO six months ago.

This was after the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer position was vacant with the resignation of Moefa’auo Bill Emmsley in January.

In a memo dated June 26, endorsed by Dr Ledau, he confirmed that he would be away on business for a week and, during his absence, designated Executive Officer Dr Jean Anderson as Acting CEO until his return.

Dr Jean Anderson will have complete authority, if warranted to act on his behalf and transact all LBJ-related business, said Ledua.

Also, she will communicate closely with him via email to consult on any significant issues. Dr Anderson was initially appointed to serve on the hospital board; however, after her term expired in March, she was not reappointed. Instead, the Governor appointed Dr Aifili John Tufa.

The same day the LBJ board hired Dr Anderson as an Executive Director to serve as a consultant to the board.

In a letter confirming her new position, the board said her expertise in program consultation, development, and support; extensive experience as a healthcare provider; and given the foundational knowledge and understanding afforded to her as a former Board member, she is uniquely qualified to provide expert advice and consultation related to the operation of the Medical Center.

Dr. Anderson will directly support and assist the Board and LBJ Leadership.

Also, she may serve as a liaison for the LBJ Administration and Leadership, report now to the Board, and perform duties and tasks as directed by the Board.

Working as a consultant, Dr Anderson’s salary will be based on an hourly rate which KVZKnews has yet to confirm; however, a board member who did not wish to be named said Dr Anderson’s rate is $69 an hour.

As reported last week, the LBJ board confirms they have not advertised the CEO position as the Board is consulting with LBJ Attorney on this matter and will act accordingly and ensure compliance with regulations and policies on the CEO position.

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