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Probable measles cases increased to 50

To date, the number of confirmed measle cases remains at two, with 50 probable cases.

This is according to the Department of Health’s Director of Clinical Services, Dr Elizabeth Lauvao.

She told KVZK news the 50 probable cases were identified through symptomatic diagnosis and referred for evaluation and confirmation at their nearest health center.

Adding that from the 50 probable cases six are inactive and 46 active cases meaning they are asymptomatic, however, the swab and blood tests will determine the confirmation.

According to Dr Lauvao, their age ranges from two months old to 13 Years old, which are 51% Male and 49% Female.

There are 17 vaccination sites that are

open from Monday to Friday but they are closed on the weekends.

Regarding the travel advisory, Dr Lauvao said the submissions and recommendations are now with the Attorney General’s office and Cabinet will have the final say on the advisory.

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