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Recommendations by Medical Steering Committee under advisement

Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga has taken under advisement recommendations by the Medical Steering Committee regarding the new $200 million dollars specialized acute care 40-bed hospital.

Members of the Committee, chaired by Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua met with the Governor on Tuesday and submitted their report with recommendations.

Governor Chief of Staff Loa Tauapa’i Tuimavave Laupola confirmed this with KVZK news.

"The honorable Governor has yet to finalize his decision on this project,” said Loa declined to comment on the report.

The new hospital project was initially overseen by the LBJ hospital however last month the Governor appointed Motusa to administer this project. Upon his appointment, Motusa put together a sub-committee to review the proposed project and report back to the steering committee with recommendations.

The Director of Health told KVZK news the report submitted to the Governor outlined their professional opinions and recommendations and they are now waiting on the governor’s decision.

Motusa decline to comment on the Medical Steering Committee report, citing that would have to come from the Governor.

Last month the sub-committee's April 3, 2023 summary report was leaked to the media which states that the government should not build a new hospital, but rather divert funds to upgrade the LBJ hospital.

The sub-committee report also cited options for the Governor to consider; a long-term acute care facility either within the current hospital facility or a free-standing facility and that a free-standing specialty hospital “is likely to fail” and would have “high operational costs.”

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