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Rep Malaeoletalu appeals on behalf of his constituents

The Fagatogo Faipule, Malaeoletalu Melesio Gurr, has appealed to the government regarding removing the Island Taxi Stand in Fagaotogo, across from the marketplace, as the lease on the property ended. 

The appeal is outlined in a letter addressed to the Director of Commerce, Petti Matila, endorsed by Malaeoletalu last month.

The lawmaker noted that the eviction notice was sent to Island Taxi Stand in Fagatogo on November 28, 2023, given the lease has expired. However, the potential eviction of these taxi businesses and the absence of alternative locations in the area significantly inconvenience our Maoputasi district.

According to Malaeoletalu, taxi services play a crucial role in the daily lives of many of his constituents who do not own vehicles.

They serve as essential means of transportation for various reasons, such as hauling heavy shopping up the mountains, navigating rainy days, commuting to work, securing transportation after regular bus hours, and reaching the airport on flight nights. Moreover, since Fagatogo has been without an ATM since 2022, numerous residents rely on taxi services to travel to neighboring villages for cash withdrawals.

Tourists arriving via passenger cruise ships also heavily depend on these taxi services.

Given these vital functions, maintaining taxi stands in the heart of downtown Fagatogo is of utmost importance, said Malaeoletalu.

However, if the decision to proceed with the eviction is final, the lawmaker asked Matila to find a suitable government-owned land in Fagatogo for these taxi stands to operate. This will ensure the continuity of their services, helping them serve our community without disruption.

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