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Robust health system must be encouraged: Motusa T Nua.

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Strong and robust health systems must be encouraged to boost social and economic development said the Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua during the Atoa o Samoa, during his presentation at the meeting, Motusa said strengthening cooperation between the two governments on health care information exchange and health care collaboration is paramount. Director Motusa informed the meeting that American Samoa is already developing a standalone electronic health records system that will play an important role in patient management and effective medical care services.

Asked about the shortage of doctors and nurses, Motusa said that a physician and nurse exchange program could be considered to address the continuing shortage of health professionals in both countries. Acknowledging the increasing cases of non- communicable diseases in both countries, Director Nua said there are opportunities to increase awareness programs and impact assessments to further inform programs to prevent and control NCDs including communicable diseases like measles and tuberculosis.

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