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Samoa Airways operates out of Fagalii

Samoa Airways started flying out of Fagalii yesterday, a few weeks since the Fagalii Airport re-opened for operation. Samoa Airways tickets now include departure tax, which means the ticket price has increased.

Talofa Airways have yet to set up at the Fagalii Airport, but they plan to start flying out of Fagalii next week.

The airport was re-opened last month after repairs to the tune of over a million dollars. On Tuesday, close to 10 flights were out of Fagalii.

The Airline’s Minister, Leatinuu Wayne Fong, explained while speaking on the EFKS Soalepule televised program that the increase in airfares is reasonable with the shifting of operations to Fagalii as it incurred a cost for both airlines and the Samoa Airport Authority.

Samoa Observer reported the Minister is looking at the landing fee, take-off fee, Samoa Airways' rent to Samoa Airport Authority, and bringing the newly employed staff to service Fagalii, which means money will always be needed.

Samoa Airways' interim Chief Executive Officer Fauo'o Fatu Tielu told Samoa Observer the flights will start operating on the regular schedule, that is, five flights per day or maybe more if busy, except for Sunday when there will be only three flights between Samoa and Pago Pago.



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