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Samoa Govt issues travel advisory


Effective May 1, 2023 all travelers from the Territory (including infants aged 6 months and above) are required to be vaccinated with a Measles vaccine before entering Samoa.

Children below 2 years of age must comply and infants aged 6 months to 15 months must have a single dose; while 15 months to 24 months should complete the required 2 doses.

The Samoa Government has amended its travel advisories for all travelers from the territory as a result of the measles outbreak.

“A legitimate vaccine certificate/note is required before boarding and a hard copy must

be presented both at check-in and upon arrival into Samoa for sighting. Vaccine

certificates in electronic form stored on phones or other electronic devices must have

a QR code.”

Being fully vaccinated indicates having completed the required prescribed doses as per vaccine used. All passengers should have completed 2 weeks (14 days) post vaccination prior to travel.

The vaccine certificate/Note must be a Health Authority Approved Certificate/Card of the country where vaccination took place.

Failure to provide a legitimate vaccination certificate, or meet the above conditions will result in NO BOARDING or Denied Entry into Samoa.

Upon Arrival into Samoa all passengers are required to wear face masks at all times and are strongly encouraged to take precautionary and preventive measures within the first seven days of arrival.

E afua atu i le aso muamua o Me, le masina fou, ona moomia e samoa tutoatasi pepa tui poo faamaoniga ua maea tui o le misela mo tagata e malaga atu mai i Amerika Samoa i Samoa e amata mai pepe le 6 masina ma luga atu.

O tamaiti uma e 2 tausaga ma lalo mai e tatau ona usitaia lea suiga. O leisi suiga o pepe uma e tai 6 masina i le 15 masina e tatau ona maea le tui etasi, ae o le 15 masina i e 25 masina e tatau ona faataunuuina le tui e lua.

O suiga e pei ona faia e samoa ona o le tulai mai o nisi mai le Territory ua aafia i le faamai o le misela.

Na taua ise faaaliga mai le matagaluega o le soifua maloloina i Samoa, e moomia le fa’aali o le pepa tui ae lei tuua le territory ma e tatau foi ona faailoa i sui o le Matagaluega o le soifua maloloina i apia lea pepa tui pe a taunuu le malaga i faleolo.

O pepa tui ua taua o electronic certificate e tatau ona iai le vaega ua taua o le QR code.

E tatau ona maea uma tui e lua i totonu o le 14 aso ae lei malaga le pasese i samoa. O pasese uma o le a le ustaia lea suiga o le a faatagaina i luga o soo se faigamalaga.

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