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Samoa's Consul Office laments lack of proper travel documents

The opening of borders has seen an influx of travel between the two Samoa. However, a number of issues were faced by the Office of Samoa’s Consul General due to people not heeding Samoa’s immigration and international travel policies.

Temukisa Eapeisi, Consul Officer of Samoa, in an interview with KVKZ, reminded that US nationals are obligated to retain entry permits before they can board a flight or the ferry for Samoa. She said this entry permit only targets US nationals.

In contrast, other passport holders can enter Samoa without an entry permit, given their status, which is valid for nine months—adding that US nationals cannot board the flight or ferry without the entry permit issued by Samoa Consul Office in Fagatogo.

According to Ms Eapeisi, while valid for one year, people who use a Certificate of Identity cannot use it to travel to Samoa when the CI expires in six months.

International immigration laws apply to Samoa; if you travel in December and your CI expires in December, you cannot use it. Your CI validity must be over six months.

Another issue cited by Ms Eapeisi is that Samoa does not allow US nationals to travel to foreign countries like Samoa using their Country’s federal ID. It can be used when trying to return to your country but not when traveling to a foreign Country.

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