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Save Liuato Tuitele confirmed as Director of SAR

The Senate unanimously approved the nomination of Save Liuato Tuitele as Director of the Department of Search and Rescue in a vote of 14 yays. Senators noted Save’s credentials are unquestionable and that he is the best candidate for this position.

Senate President Tuaolo Manaia Fruean said Save is the suitable candidate and questioned why he was not nominated in the first place. Adding that Save is over qualified for the position.

Save fought back his emotions when addressing the Senators after the brief hearing and acknowledged their confidence in his ability to oversee the department, which has three divisions, including the Fire Services, Emergency Medical Service and the Marine Patrol Division.

The former Former Police Commissioner assured the Senators that he will serve to the best of his ability.

As reported earlier, Acting Governor Talauega E.V. Ale confirmed the nomination in a letter to the Senate President. The previous nominee Fa’amasino Upuese Galoia was rejected by the Senate this year and has been named Acting since then. According to Talauega, Save is a product of the local education system.

He graduated from Samoana High School as a national honor society member before joining the U. S. Army. His years of military service highlight his skills in leadership, critical and analytical thinking, and problem-solving.

Save was entrusted with the professional development and safety of hundreds of people and equipment valued at millions of dollars and he has also served the Territory as Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, Director of the Office of Fraud Investigations, and Associate Judge of the High Court.

Save's background and experience make him an ideal Department of Search and Rescue leader. Three agencies are under the Search and Rescue Department's portfolio: the Emergency Medical Services, Fire Division, and the Marine Patrol Division.

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