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Seiuli Seleti face criminal charges burglary

The Attorney General’s office has charged Seiuli Seleti over several burglaries, including the US postal office.

Bail for Seleti is set at $5,000.

Seleti appeared in the District Court last week on numerous charges, such as four counts of burglary, three costs of stealing and misdemeanor charges of stealing, trespassing and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the government's case, the Seleit and a juvenile broke into the Post Office on June 30, at 2a.m through a back door of the Lumana’i building, where he pried open the door knob using a flathead screwdriver to gain access to the building.

When they gained entrance, Seleti pried the doorknob of the Department of Health, went inside and stole three black Amazon tablets and a fake $100 bill on a desk.

According to the court document, they climbed inside the ceiling to the other side where the Post Office is located.

They headed to the primary mail storage, opened packages, and took two Android phones from random boxes.

They proceeded to the main office and ransacked one of the desks, taking approximately $120.

Afterwards, they both exited the Post Office the same way they entered, and upon leaving the premises, Seleti stole black boots from the KVZK office.

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