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Senator concern about the influx of foreigners taking over local employment

Senator Satele Lilio appeals to Senate President Tuaolo Manaia Fruean to subpoena the Attorney General to address concerns on the increasing number of Asians migrating to the Territory under the Immigration special provision.

Senator Satele expressed concern over the number of local businesses abusing this provision under the immigration statute instead of employing local people.

Addressing the Senate as a member of the Immigration Board, today Satele said this matter is quite concerning, migrating foreigners, yet some locals are more than capable of doing the work.

“As a member of the Immigration, I am worried because there is no cap on the number of Asians entering the Territory. Businesses are saying locals do not want to work; hence they look to Asian countries, including Indonesia, for workers - that is not good for our local people”, said Satele.

Turning to Tuaolo, Satele asked the president to subpoena the AG to address these issues and other Immigration concerns. Adding that the Board of Immigration is doing its best to cap the number of workers under this provision, but somehow, businesses still manage to bring them into the territory.

Also in the Senate yesterday was the approval of the newest member of the Immigration Board House Representative, Vailoata Eteuati Amituanai.

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