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Senator Soliai calls for action on increasing number of foreigners residing in the territory

Senator Soliai Tuipine has called on the Senate to take appropriate action against foreigners that have flooded the territory and have taken over employment.

He said foreigners born in American Samoa automatically become US nationals. The number of foreigners living in American Samoa has increased significantly.

Soliai made the comments after Senator Satele Lilio reminded the Senate of a hearing tomorrow with Immigration and the Attorney General’s office regarding concerns that local businesses are bringing in Asian workers under the Immigration special provision neglecting locals who are more than capable of doing the work.

According to Soliai, in Germany, regardless if you are born there, you will not automatically be a citizen; you will remain a US National and documents will indicate you were born in Germany and that American Samoa should follow suit.

Soliai called on Senators to consider this and make an appropriate appeal to the Federal Government.

He said foreigners own local businesses, bringing their people to work at the stores. He said foreigners born in the territory enable them to purchase and own land locally, which is concerning, and this should be addressed at all levels, says Soliai.

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