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Senator Tuiasina levels claims against former LBJ board

Senator Tuiasina Dr. Salamo Laumoli has lamented the brushing of criminal activities under the carpet by the previous management at the LBJ hospital.

He commented during a hearing regarding the investigation of the Kite Runner and the LBJ hospital misconduct that Homeland Security conducted, not the Department of Public Safety.

The Senators queried the duplication of services between Homeland Security and DPS and where the line draws. Still, Police Commissioner Lefiti Pese explained that the investigation report submitted to the AG’s office was referred to his department. He said that the OTICIDE division within Homeland Security investigates white-collar crime as done in the past, and they are now working together on this matter.

Leifit also pointed out that the hospital case regarding the container occurred in 2019 and 2020 but was only reported to them in February 2023.

Senator Tuiasina took the floor and said the investigation, as reported by the media, was done by Homeland Security, not the DPS. Regarding the LBJ container matter, Tuiasina said this occurred under the previous management, and, sadly, the government workers disregarded the value of the hospital’s operation and mandate.

The actions by the previous administration were only uncovered when the current board took over the LBJ operation.

According to the Homeland Security investigation report, the container was shipped under the hospital, containing 250 cartons of Disposable Isolation Gowns and Medical Face Masks, and hauled to Canton Mart. It was sold back to the LBJ at a markup price.

The Homeland Security investigation also recommended that former LBJ Procurement Manager Joe Langkilde be charged with forgery for allegedly altering invoices, criminal fraud by allegedly obtaining money through false or fraudulent pretenses, and non-payment of excise tax.

It was also recommended the owner of the Canton Store, Jessie Xiao Ying be criminally charged with conspiracy.

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