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Senators urge Shipyard Director to hire a Safety Officer

Vice President of the Senate, Malaepule Fuena Moliga, appeared upset with the responses from the Director of the American Samoa Shipyard Authority, Carlos Sanchez, regarding the lack of a Safety Officer at the shipyard following a death-related incident in June this year.

The death of 23-year-old Ricky Faamoana at the Shipyard led to questions on the safety of the Ronald Reagan Marine Railway Authority employees during the budget hearing for the Shipyard Budget on Friday.

Director Carlos Sanchez was present to answer questions before the joint budget hearing committee.

Representative Lua-i-taua Gene Pan, a former Safety Officer of Starkist, queried the allocation of $10,000 on supplies stipulated in the budget, yet the Shipyard still needs a Safety Officer.

In response, Director Sanchez said they do have a safety officer. The way Carlos responded did not sit well with the Vice Speaker of the House, Fetu Fetui Jr., who reminded the Director that he needed to answer the questions and that his condescending comments were not required, citing that it was unprofessional.

Vice President Malaepule Fuena Moliga echoed the same sentiments by Lua-i-taua about the need for a safety officer.

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