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Skelton held on bail of $100,000, in shooting incident

Mao Skelton was arraigned in the High Court today on bail of $100,000 in relation to a shooting incident in Vaitogi last December.

He is facing charges of first-degree assault; unlawful use of a weapon and possession of prohibited weapons, all of which are felony counts.

This is in connection to a shooting incident in Vaitogi last December. According to the government's case, this matter came to light when a man lodged a complaint at the West Substation, against the Skeleton who allegedly shot him with a 12 gauge.

The victim suffered injuries on his facial area. An EMS technician, William Avegalio told Police there were no pellets on the victim’s wounds, despite the fact that he sustained puncture wounds.

Court filings say the victim told Police that he went to Vaitogi to retrieve car parts that were allegedly borrowed by Mr Skelton.

Initially, the victim was told that Skelton was not at home, however when he attempted to remove the car parts, Mr Skelton appeared and they had a verbal argument.

It's alleged the defendant went inside the house and came back with a gun and shot him and slightly hit his right ear.

The victim told police he thought that he was dead. According to court documents, the victim told Police the gun was placed right in front of his eyes; however when Skelton attempted to load it again an unknown male intervened.

It's alleged that Skeltons’ wife helped the victim to his car and he left the scene.

Two weeks after the alleged shooting incident the defendant gave a statement to the Police, noting that he was upset that the victim trespassed on his wife's family land on a Sunday.

Skelton also told Police that he was ashamed about what happened as the victim is like his brother.

The court filing further says Skelton was accompanied by an eyewitness who told the Police that nothing happened and that they do not own a gun.

Skelton appeared in the District Court prior to having his case bound over to the High Court.

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