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StarKist submits mandatory report to Workmen's Comp on injured employee

Starkist Samoa has submitted its statutory report regarding the incident involving one of its employees who was injured on the job and lost two fingers last week.

A StarKist Official confirmed this in response to KVZK News.

According to the local statute, the company must submit within ten days a report from the date of any injury.

Also, any additional information concerning the damage and the employee's condition shall be sent by the employer to the Commission at such times and in such manner as the Commission may prescribe.

The reports should also include the woman’s medical chart to assist the tribunal in her case. As first reported by KVKZ, the 21-year-old woman who lost her fingers underwent an emergency operation a few hours after the incident.

The surgery was confirmed by Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ledua Akapusi in response to KVZK News.

Reports from the cannery workers confirmed the incident. One of the Senior Workers at StarKist said the woman involved is a fish cleaner.

“The machines were not working, and while she pushed fish down the bin, the machinery started and took two of her fingers,” said the Senior Worker.

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Sep 05, 2023

she deserves a worksman compensation ❤️

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