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SYEP cultural day event concludes with triumph and inspiration

The student participants, American Samoa Government (ASG) departments, agencies and private organizations celebrated the successful conclusion of the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) on Friday, August 04, 2023 at the Suigaula Park in Utulei, American Samoa.

The American Samoa Department of Human Resources led by Director Lynn Pulou Alaimalo organized a cultural event for the student participants to showcase the rich and vibrant heritage of the Samoan Culture.

The theme for the event centered around “Embracing the Value of Our Culture: An Integral Aspect of our Work Environment.”

Acting Governor Talauega E. V. Ale was invited to offer remarks in commemoration of this year's successful culmination of the SYEP. In his address, Acting Governor Talauega emphasized that the Samoan culture is not a relic of the past stored in museums; rather, “it is a living culture that thrives through the people who continue to embrace and practice its customs and traditions.”

He acknowledged that while museums play an essential role in preserving artifacts from various cultures, many have lost the essence of their original practices. Furthermore, Acting Governor Talauega drew attention to the connection between the Samoan culture and the organization of our government.

He remarked, “The principles and values of the culture are deeply integrated into the functioning of our government. Without the preservation and celebration of this cultural identity, there is no government.”

Acting Governor Talauega encouraged ASG departments, agencies and private organizations involved in the program to continue emphasizing the importance of practicing and living the Samoan culture within the workforce.

The celebration allowed the participants to display the sacred Ava Ceremony, perform traditional dances, and sing Samoan songs. The SYEP Closing Cultural Event served as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Samoan culture and its vital role in preparing the younger generation for the workforce.

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