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Talofa Airways confirms third aircraft

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Talofa Airways has added a third plane to its Twin Commander 690B fleet, a pressurized high-wing twin turboprop with a rugged design and plenty of power.

The aircraft will arrive at the Faleolo International Airport from Hawaii this evening.

This was confirmed by the owner of Talofa Airways, Maria Hunter, in a phone interview with KVKZ news today.

The aircraft has seating for up to nine passengers, utilizing the copilot seat. According to Mrs. Hunter, the additional aircraft means reviving the Airline’s flights to Tonga scheduled for November 14, 2023.

She said the flights to Tonga are between Samoa and American Samoa.

In the late 1950s, the US Air Force selected the Aero Commander due to its exceptional performance. It was the first light twin-engine aircraft considered safe enough for use as the personal transport for a US President.

Mrs Hunter also confirmed that Talofa Airways only operates out of Faleolo Airport. Until the Samoa Airport Authority completes phase two of Fagalii, they will not fly out of Fagalii, as it is costly to maintain the Aero Commanders.

Photo Credit: Talofa Airways

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