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Teachers are pivotal in shaping our children's future

Teachers are pivotal in shaping our children's future and the community. This was the message from Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga at the church serving to open the new school year officially.

The service was attended by Government leaders, dignitaries, teachers, and staff of the Department of Education yesterday at the Fatuoaiga Cathedral.

Together with Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga and Lieutenant Governor Talauega

E. V. Ale, government dignitaries and leaders, including the Honorable Senate President Tuaolo M. Fruean, Honorable Representatives of the Fono, and cabinet members, were present at the service.

Reflecting on the challenges posed by recent global events, including the pandemic-driven shift to virtual learning, the Governor stressed the resilience and dedication displayed by teachers.

He encouraged teachers to bridge the gap between parental teachings and classroom education, ensuring a seamless connection between home and school.

Governor Lemanu urged the teachers not to hoard their wisdom but to actively share their knowledge with future generations, acknowledging their responsibility in cultivating young minds.

The Governor underlined the impact of teachers’ attitudes and demeanor on the development of children, urging educators to be the guiding light that shapes positive attitudes and values.

He concluded his remarks by reminding educators to address challenges the students may face fearlessly: “In this day and age, our youth confront issues like the strong tide of drugs, the shadows of bullying and fighting, and the specter of fear in our schools,” stated Governor Lemanu.

“To teachers and principals, I implore you: do not hesitate to report, direct, and do what is right. Stand up for the victims and safeguard the well-being of every child, even your own. "I urge you to forge solutions to illuminate the path to a safer learning environment for all."

Bishop Etuale Tumanuvao, who led the service, strongly encouraged the teachers to be prepared spiritually and emotionally to face challenges, to harness their connection with God as they educate students, and to share the wealth of knowledge generously.

Bishop Tumanuvao also reminded the communities of an old notion stating, “It takes a whole island to raise a child, and everyone holds a responsibility for the well-being of all children of American Samoa," said Bishop Tumanuvao.

The celebration continued today at the Lupelele stadium with an Extravaganza organized by the Department of Education. Many Students, parents, and teachers participated in this education Extravaganza 2023.

The event is a platform to raise awareness about the Education Program and how every student can benefit. Not just schools but the American Samoa Community College.

The participating students said that these types of events enhance their knowledge about the other aspects of education and also to choose better subjects for their future.

According to organizers, an estimated 2,000 people attended this event by putting their stalls in the education extravaganza event.

Photo Credit: ASG

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