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Thai nurses to arrive in the territory this week

Three of the 20 nurses from Thailand will arrive in the territory tomorrow and three more next week.

This is part of efforts by the LBJ board management to alleviate the ongoing shortage of nurses at the territory’s only hospital. Executive Director Dr. Jean Anderson confirmed this in response to questions from KVKZ news.

The rest will come by October. As reported earlier, LBJ CEO Dr. Akapusi Ledua said the nurses from Thailand are US NCLEX certified, which is required to be employed as a nurse for the LBJ hospital.

Dr. Ledua said the hospital would pay for their airfares from Thailand and accommodation for the first three months of arrival in the territory.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ledua has confirmed that six Fijian nurses will take their NCLEX in August.

Last month, five of the 16 nurses who passed the nursing crash program will sit the NCLEX next month, but the remaining 16 will have another opportunity to undergo the nursing program before they can sit the NCLEX later in the year.

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