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Tila Afasene face criminal charges

Tila Afasene, is accused of unlawfully entering the Port Administration wharf and attempting to break into the Peter. E. Reid Stevedoring office container has been charged.

He is facing criminal charges of first-degree burglary, tampering in the second-degree, property damage and trespassing.

The District Court set his bail at $5,000.

According to the government’s case last week, Afasene went to the wharf, claiming he had just returned from Apia and wanted to check his work schedule at Peter E Reid's office. The office was locked, and Afasene left the premises.

However, 10 minutes later, the Security heard a noise coming from the Peter E. Reid office and discovered Afasene using a metal lock to strike the metal lock of their office container.

It was found that Afasene allegedly left the Port Administration and parked his car across the street next to the Samoa Sports building, and unlawfully entered the Port Administration by hopping the fence, to which he then made his way to the Peter Reid Stevedoring area and tried to allegedly break into a locked container that had valuable tools inside.

Police were then contacted for assistance, and this led to Afasene's arrest.

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