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Top Cop laments prevalence of illegal drugs found in possession of students

Educators need to do a better job of ensuring drugs do not make their way into school campuses.

The call came from the Chief of Police, Pouu’amea Tuaolo Supapo when confirming that marijuana joints were confiscated from Samoana High School students.

Supapo told KVZK News, a teacher received an anonymous tip from a student regarding eight students that were smoking marijuana on school grounds.

However, when Police arrived four students were taken in for questioning. According to Supapo the parents were also contacted.

Additionally it has become prevalent that illegal contraband and drugs are found in the possession of students and Supapo calls on school administrators to find better ways to stop drugs from entering school campuses even if they have to search each student.

Last week, drugs were found at Tafuna High School premises in the possession of three students. It is alleged an envelope containing a baggie and a cut-straw straw containing methamphetamine or ice were found and is now in the custody of Authorities.

According to several officials from Tafuna High School, a teacher reported the students to the Principal’s office when she suspected they had hard drugs in their possession.

Upon confirmation of white substances, Police were contacted for assistance and they took over. The students were reportedly taken to the Police station immediately.

Police Officers at the West Substation confirmed the drugs and said the students involved are minors and that this case has been transferred to the Vice and Narcotics Division of the DPS.

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