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Tourism Roadshow in Australia - Day 2

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - 08/02/2023: Day 2 of the Travel Roadshow, an integral part of the Atoa o Samoa initiative, took place in Sydney, Australia, with a positive response from industry professionals.

The American Samoa Visitors Bureau is thrilled to continue to strengthen its partnership with the Samoa Tourism Authority, working together to promote the Samoan Islands as an enticing and comprehensive destination for visitors looking to Explore, Experience, and Enjoy!

The event in Sydney gathered an even larger group of wholesalers, outbound tour operators, and major airlines, all eager to learn about the diverse offerings of the Samoan Islands. Attendees were captivated by the unique blend of cultures and natural wonders that make the region an unparalleled destination in the South Pacific.

The collaboration between American Samoa and the Samoa Tourism Authority aims to create a united marketing front, showcasing the best of both regions, ensuring visitors have a holistic experience while discovering the rich heritage, warm hospitality, and breathtaking landscapes that Samoa and American Samoa have to offer.

ASVB joining forces with STA presents an irresistible proposition to travelers. This collaboration will elevate our global presence and highlight each island's distinctive characteristics, providing travelers with an unforgettable journey through the Samoan Islands."

On behalf of American Samoa Visitors Bureau Executive Director Taimalelagi Minnie Tuia, also shared enthusiastic remarks, saying, "We are thrilled to embark on this joint venture with our Samoan counterparts.

Together, we will showcase the diverse attractions, traditions, flavors and adventures that await visitors, making the Samoan Islands an unmissable destination for travelers seeking a genuine and extraordinary experience."

Day 2 of the Travel Roadshow marked the beginning of an exciting chapter in the tourism landscape of the Samoan Islands.

With the commitment to collaboration and a united front, the future looks promising for the Atoa o Samoa initiative, and the world can anticipate an unparalleled experience in the Pacific.

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