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United Airlines flight diverted to Pago Pago

By Gregoury Kuresa

It is a rare sight to see a United Airlines aircraft at the Pago Pago International Airport. According to a report from the Department of Port Administration, the United Airlines B787 aircraft was on its usual flight from Los Angeles to Sydney Australia when the aircraft experienced mechanical problems. The Captain and crew then made the decision to divert the flight to the Territory.

Information received from the DPA says the aircraft landed safely at 6:14 this morning and all passengers are safe.

Maiava F. Leota of DPA told KVZK that the 222 passengers onboard have been checked into Tradewinds Hotel and the Hangar at the Airport to await the arrival of another aircraft from LA to fly them to Sydney Australia. The aircraft is scheduled to arrive at Pago Pago International at 1900 hrs or 7:00pm. Leota also confirmed the part needed to repair a section of the engine is on the flight from LA tonight.

Pago Pago International Airport serves as an alternate airport to many long haul flights to and from the mainland USA and Southern Hemisphere destinations such as Australia and New Zealand.

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