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University of Washington pacific islanders research group meet with Governor

A Pacific Islander Research Group from the University of Washington(UW) and UW Professors joined Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga and office staff at the daily morning devotion held in the Governor's conference room on June 29, 2023.

The UW group consists of ten undergrad and graduate students who are of Samoan ancestry, and two faculty members: Anthropology Professor Dr. Holly Barker who is also the Curator of Oceanic and Asian Culture, Burke Museum, and Marine Biology Professor Dr. Luke Tornabene, also the Curator of Fishes at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

Governor Lemanu welcomed the group after the morning prayer and devotion.

“I extend a warm welcome to you all, and I am thrilled to know that some of you are returning to American Samoa to embrace the opportunity of reconnecting with your roots and cultural heritage,” said Governor Lemanu.

Your commitment to preserving our traditions and strengthening our community is truly commendable. Together, let us forge a path of shared cultural pride and a brighter future for our beloved territory," he said.

Governor Lemanu presented the group with gifts and has encouraged them to explore the enchanting Manu'a Islands during their stay, immersing themselves in the island lifestyle and gaining insights into its remarkable history.

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