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USCG MSST and Marine Patrol escorts USS Canberra (LCS 30) out of Port

The Marine Patrol Division did the honors of escorting the USS Canberra (LCS 30) warship out of Port yesterday afternoon after a day in port.

As a sign of respect, the Marine Patrol led the warship out, and six jet skis accompanied it.

On the boat were Senior Officers of the Marine Patrol Unit and US Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team, under the leadership of the Marine Patrol Chief Ina Ulberg and US Coast Guard Lt Emily Titus.

The USS Canberra arrived on Sunday morning, her second visit to the territory.

The USS Canberra, an Independence-variant combat ship, holds the designation with its homeport in Naval Base San Diego, California, USA, and has docked at the Port in Fagatogo.

With a top speed of around 50 mph, it is one of the fastest ships in the US Navy, armed with Naval Strike Missile, a sea-skimming cruise missile that is difficult to spot on radar and can maneuver to avoid enemy defenses. Jet Ski operators were Lt Mua'ava; Lt Talopau; Lt Mamea; Marine Patrol Officers Kolio and Ah Chong-Luamanu.

The ship is the second US Navy vessel to bear the Canberra name.

Chief UIberg told KVZK News it is not every day a Military Armed forces Warship stops by in Port.

This is just a token of American Samoa’s appreciation for their sacrifice, being out at sea for months to ensure our people are safe. He said, lest we forget, that freedom is not free.

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